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Month: February 2016

The Perfect Kiss by Anne Gracie

Feature: ‘The Perfect Kiss’
by Anne Gracie
Regency/Merridew Sisters series
Berkley Sensation 978-0-425-21345-2 2007

Overall: 4 ˝ Stars

Sensuality: 3 ź Hearts

Cover Cheese: Cheese-free

Drat it all, but I find myself hoisted by my own petard!

You see, when I first wrote those three little words, “Buy the Book” – a tagline to which I’ve occasionally regretted shackling myself – I meant that you should buy the book. I would go along merrily reading from the piles of gratis ARCs I receive monthly, happy as a clam with such a cool job perk.

Yet a few weeks ago, inexplicably and wearing what I imagine was a rather shell-shocked expression, I found myself in the romance aisle of my local bookstore actually, well, buying a book.

Why? To my shame, I’d never read a novel by Anne Gracie, and was dying to buy her entire Merridew Sisters series after having finished an ARC of the delightful final installment, “The Perfect Kiss.”

In it, we meet Miss Grace Merridew a Diamond of the First Water. Yet Grace is nothing if not loyal to those she loves, especially when she thinks they’re being ronged. So, when her favorite cousin must travel to meet the notoriously irreputable man to whom she’s being forced to marry, Grace accompanies her, pretending to be her cousin’s shy, dowdy chaperone.

Dominic Wolfe has earned some of his deplorable reputation, and is not a gracious host when he shows up at the ancestral home he’s not seen since childhood to find his fiancée, her ailing father, and some mousy, yet unreasonably enchanting woman have arrived uninvited.

Dominic knows to inherit the estate and follow through with his plans to destroy a legacy he disdains he must go through with the arranged marriage. Yet he’s having so much fun prowling after the drab little chaperone who’s more than she appears, he begins to wonder how he might change things.

And Grace Merridew is wondering how she ever believed any woman wouldn’t want to be married to a man like Dominic, when he, too, is so much more than he chooses to reveal.

“The Perfect Kiss” is a lovely treat. Buoyed by Gracie’s skilled writing and smooth storytelling, it’s a novel that entertains the historical fan in the way we love — with ambiance and language and delicious, rather naughty sensuality.

Since I had to bite the bullet — and it was worth every hard-earned penny — why don’t you —

Buy the Book.