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Month: June 2016

My Wicked Pirate by Rona Sharon

Feature: ‘My Wicked Pirate’
Rona Sharon

Early 18th Century/British West Indies; Mid East; Italy
Zebra 0-821-78057-3 2007

Overall: Four 1/4 Stars

Sensuality: Three 1/2 Hearts

Cover Cheese: Two Wedges

Ah, the romance of the high seas: crashing waves, exotic ports of call – big, lusty Italian pirates in soaking-wet pantaloons.

Fairly makes a girl go, arrrrrghhh, don’t it?  If you’re like me, and you adore swashbuckling pirate romances, it does.

Truly, what could be better than a passionate tale woven from historically accurate details, spun from the yearning of a gently bred lady for a rakish corsair-who’s-more-than-a-corsair, and wrapped in Old School-style political intrigue we thought died out when Marsha Canham retired?

A novel just like that, but with Nathan Kamp on the cover!  Said novel would be Rona Sharon’s marvelous debut, the sensual and voluptuously exotic “My Wicked Pirate.”

Eros, the Viper, has been sailing the Mediterranean for years as a privateer for King Louis IV of France, but his reputation is that of a merciless rogue who captures and pillages.  Yet Eros is waiting, biding his time until he can return to claim his birthright as the true prince of Milan.

Granddaughter of an English duke, Lady Alanis is headed to meet her aristocrat fiancé in Kingston, Jamaica, the port from which he’s been sailing to capture for the Crown scourges of the sea like Eros.  On the way, the Viper seizes as prize Alanis, who later chooses to stay with the gentleman-corsair and helps him escape capture.

As Eros introduces Alanis to the luxuries and ecstasies of the Mid East and the Mediterranean, Alanis learns that there is much to be admired about the man who clearly wants her fiercely, but not forever.  And Eros finds that the revenge and triumph he’s planned for years may not taste as sweet – or even occur – if he doesn’t decide whether he can trust Alanis with his secrets, his dreams, and his soul.

Sharon debuts with a remarkable concoction of great dyed-in-the-wool romance writing and nerdy, well-researched historical themes that add up to a treat for historical fans and romance lovers alike.

“My Wicked Pirate” is so good, because Sharon captures in Eros the arrogant charm that makes foreign guys so appealing and infuriating, but tempers it with vulnerability that makes him appealing, not whiny – the distinguishing mark of the true Alpha male.

And Alanis is not simply some gently bred dolt who falls passively for her captor so the plot can thicken.  She’s smart and sexy, and woman enough to understand exactly what she’s signing on for when she changes the course of her life – and the novel – by haring off with Eros on a grand, authentically romantic adventure.

Oh, yes.  Pirate romance is returned in rare form, and you’ll get a rare high-seas treat when you —

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