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Month: July 2016

MaryJanice Davidson Interview

MaryJanice Davidson

MaryJanice DavidsonNY Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson talks cheery brooders, traditional dinners, and the ‘almost alpha’ male.

MB: What or who inspired “Doing it Right?”

MJD: I loved the idea of the ‘good guy’ being almost alpha, while the ‘good girl’ never needed saving, was emotionally closed off, and kicked in skulls to relax. I kind of took the usual romance hero and heroine and turned them on their heads, poor things.

MB: What do you like most about ‘Doing it Right’?

MJD: That it’s real. There really are damaged people walking around on the planet, and they deal with their pain in all sorts of ways, both societally acceptable (med school) and not (hacking). I [also] wanted to show [readers] that not everybody has the Normal Rockwell childhood.

MB: Who is the most heroic person you know?

MJD: My father (NYFD, etc.).

MB: Who’s your romance hero: dark brooding bad boy or white knight in shining armor?

MJD: I like ’em dark and brooding, but easily cheered up by the heroine. So the hero in ‘Doing it Right’ was a real departure for me.

MB: Answer the question you wish an interviewer would ask.

MJD: Uh … Turkey.With all the trimmings.