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Month: October 2016

This Week’s Feature: Doing it Right

Doing It Right Review

Feature: ‘Doing it Right’
MaryJanice Davidson

Contemporary with bonus novella
Brava 0-758-21206-2 2007

Overall: Four 1/2 Stars

Sensuality: Five Hearts

Cover Cheese: Two Wedges

Doing It Right Review

Anyone who states emphatically she’s never, ever crushed on a physician who’s treated her is a big, silly, lyin’ liar.

I mean, really. Who hasn’t looked into the eyes of a handsome, getting-younger-all-the-time resident and wondered: at what point did sea-green scrubs and sensible shoes become aphrodisiacal?

Perhaps the combination engenders some atavistic response to a man who possesses power to protect, both physically, and — if he’s far enough removed from med school — economically. But admitting that would be akin to validating our sisters who enjoyed reading those “masterful doctor hero is brought to his knees by saucy nurse who finds her HEA in becoming his wifey” category romances from times gone by.

Yes, today the truly empowered woman is entertained fantasizing about hunky TV docs pursued by independent female doctors and nurses who want to bring the poor bastards to their knees with nary a ratings-plunging HEA in sight.

But take heart, romance fans, for, once again “the doctor is in,” and MaryJanice Davidson serves him up — with attention to anatomy even Gray probably never imagined — in her wicked funny and ultra-hot new novel, “Doing it Right.”

Overworked ER doc Jared Dean is on the overnight when the tedium is broken by sounds of a raucous struggle. He hurries to the scene and stumbles upon the petite goddess who will become the mother of his children — once they’re introduced, and after she’s through dislocating the shoulder of the 250 pound, one-eyebrowed goon she’s pinned to a table.

But the formal introduction doesn’t come until later, when Jared finds the goddess, Kara, has broken into his home to inform him she’ll be bodyguarding him against the hit old One Eybrow’s got on him since the thug figured Jared could I.D. him to the cops.

Well, kinda-sappy Jared can’t believe his good luck, not about the hit, but that he’ll get to spend more time with Kara whom he finds decidedly alluring and insanely honorable, even if she does have this thing about breaking and entering for the good of society.

Davidson works her usual MJD magic throughout “Doing it Right,” her high-energy plot and character movement maintained by great writing and singular ability to convey and sustain humor even when compelling backstory is revealed.

Yet one of the best things about “Doing it Right,” at least the most fun, is the high-voltage sensuality, the good stuff that displays her skill for writing some of the best and hottest sex-with-finer emotions in romance today.

Doctor’s orders –

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