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Lexicon of Love

Acronyms and phrases to help you speak the language of love used at Romance: By the Book. Bellas who contribute () or coin (c) words or phrases are acknowledged when possible.

Bella — Any woman who enjoys making connections within the Romance: B(u)y the Book community. All are welcome!
Snaxy — Describes a guy or romance hero who is “sexy, with an edible quality.” The quintessential male in Belladom. (c)(Rachd)
buongiorno — Good day.
ciao — Hello/see you later
buonanotte — Goodnight. Also buona sera.
grazie — Thanks.  Also grazie mille, mille grazie: thanks a lot.
prego — You’re welcome; don’t mention it.
agita — Popular spelling of aceta.  Akin to aggravation, as in: “If Darcy doesn’t get together with Elizabeth soon, I’m gonna get agita.”
h — hero
hn — heroine
m — male
f — female
Historicals — Historical romances
— Contemporary romances
— Paranormal romances
— Erotic romance
Pub — Publisher or publication
UBT — Un Bel Typo. Italian for a good-lookin’ guy.
Sammich — A delightful fantasy combination of one’s self and two other hotties of the opposite sex. e.g. Kenneth Brannaugh/English Major Bella/Viggo Mortensen. (c)(Vivi Anna)
HEA — Happily Ever After, Happy Ever After
BiMBaW — A Big Man, Big in All Ways. (c)(mb) (Also referred to as Maniconda –MaryKate).
TBR — Refers to books one wants to read, or to list or “pile” of books one plans on reading.
UATW — The Bellas’ favored form of capitulation between h/hn in a romance, Up Against the Wall. (Also Up Against the Shower Wall — (c) MaryKate)
UATE — Up Against the Escritoire. Pertains especially to the Julia Quinn classic, “When He was Wicked.”
EMD — A hero of novel or movie who appeals to those of us who fought for the front row seats in English class. E.g., Kenneth Brannaugh in “Henry V,” Viggo Mortensen in “Lord of the Rings.”
Romance for Nerds — Big, meaty historical romances which are painstakingly researched, historically accurate, and reflect the mores of the period in which they’re set. (mb)
TSTL — A heroine who continually ignores obvious danger, bad guys, and doom — and isn’t a kick-butt bodyguard, etc. — is TSTL. (mk)
BigMis — Big Misunderstanding (mk)
Secret Baby — Self explanatory. (mk)
Clinch cover — Novel cover depicting m/f models in steamy pose.
Stepback — Photo or graphics on first cover stock page past inside cover of novel. Often a clinch scene not depicted on cover.
EBWAR — Everything’s Better with Alan Rickman. (c)(Leslie Kelly)
Mass Market — Paperbacks
Trade — Larger-sized romances or erotic romance with card stock covers. Approx. 8″ x 5.25″. Larger refers to size of book, not page count.

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