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Overall Rating:

When assigning an Overall Rating, I consider:

— Quality of Writing
— Accessibility of story to reader/storytelling, which can sometimes trump writing skill and/or technique
–Development of characters
— Plot development, continuity, dénouement, and conclusion
— Cohesiveness and effectiveness of sensuality as applied to relationship of characters involved and type of novel

Sensuality Rating:

Novels recommended at Romance: B(u)y the Book are ones in which sensuality depicted is appropriate within the context of the love story. Authenticity of sensuality is represented in the Overall Rating and is one part of what makes for a well-composed romance.

The Sensuality Rating judges only the kind of intimate touching and intimate talk shared between characters. Not the love, not the passion. Just the bare-bones sensuality considered apart from the story.

Whether you love sweet One Heart selections or sizzling Five Heart erotic romance, your hero and heroine always will have their happy ending as a committed, monogamous couple.

Cover Cheese Rating:

A heaving bosom.  The rippling planes of a well-muscled chest.  Trembling lips parted in a moist O of arousal.

And that’s just the cover art!

Sometimes we love reading romance novels but are a little embarrassed at the prospect of bringing our selections to the smarmy barista-cum-arbiter of literary taste working the bookstore counter. So, just for fun, here’s a rating that may help us solve our dilemma: brave Barista Boy? Or, click away online and await that nice, plain brown box.

Cover Cheese ratings don’t judge the talent of the cover artists, just the silliness of the scene depicted.

Nor does the rating have anything to do with a novel’s author or content. Authors rarely have a say in the art slapped on the cover.

One Wedge — A little girlie, but I can still hold my head up proudly at the counter.

Two Wedges — The bare torso of an ab model, perhaps a toned, lanky pair of legs. It could be a fitness tome, right?

Three Wedges — Maybe I should just place it face-down at the register?

Four Wedges — If I weren’t in the store already, and weren’t desperate to read the book, this cover would so merit a double click.

Five Wedges — Order online. Those dot com boxes have the cutest little smilies!

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